Connecting SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint Workspace 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

As a project tool SharePoint is a great product, it enables all files to be kept in one place and for all the project team to use those files and collaborate on the project. One problem stopping user adoption which I have found to be an issue too, is the ability to upload files and edit files easily. No matter what your setup, if you use Office 2010 with SharePoint 2007 I find problems with permissions which can sometimes give multiple authentication boxes without actually working. This is where SharePoint Workspace 2010 comes in.

We have been using SharePoint Workspace 2010 on a current development project where we have a dedicated development team and the need to share information between team members. We are using Team Foundation Server which creates a SharePoint portal when you create a project. We have created a collaborative Team Site where all the files are kept. The Team site is on a SharePoint 2007 install so connecting SharePoint Workspace to it is not as easy as a SharePoint 2010 Portal. It is not obvious so here are the steps.

  1. Open SharePoint Workspace 2010 and select "New" -> "Grove Workspace"



  2. Enter a name and Select Workspace version as 2007.

    3. Once The Workspace launches it will be blank. Select the Workspace Tab and click Add Files.


    4. Select SharePoint Files and then click Setup in the main pane.

    5. Navigate to the Document Library you want and add the files.

    6. Note: You can add multiple document libraries from different Sites.

    7.  Add members to the workspace by inviting them.

This is a great way to share files between a team and enables the offline editing of these documents. There is also a chat facility and a discussion facility that are good to use. One thing we did find is that one Note doesn't work particularly well with SharePoint Workspace. User buy-in has been higher than simple pointing them in the direction of the SharePoint Portal because it is right on their desktop. For all of you wondering if you should use SharePoint Workspace 2010 when the sites exist I would recommend trying this out if you have a particular finite project to deliver.

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