People Search in SharePoint 2007

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The people search in SharePoint 2007 is not very flexible and it often doesn't do what customers want it too. There is the custom development route but this is often costly and time consuming and with MOSS 2007 not an easy task to quantify. The second option is to hook into the existing people search using Javascript and a simple search box.

The URL of the people search can be got from doing a normal people search in the Search Centre and it the page is called PeopleResults.aspx . The 2 essential fields that you will want to use is Firstname and Lastname, unfortunately there isn't a way I have found to OR these queries. What this means is that if you want a single search box for searching through your staff you will need to get them to learn that searching for Brian Jones can be found using Brian or * Jones. With no OR rule existing we cannot know if the one word entered is a Firstname or a Lastname. Add * to the start and end of the query to get a partial match search. Your query string will look something like this:-


I won't go into the overly technical side of extending people search as plenty of people have done so already, but if you want a simple solution and would like to design a single search box on your Intranet that looks good then you can use this simple approach.


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