Developing SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7

Friday, October 29, 2010

I have setup SharePoint 2010 on my laptop to enable me to test projects that have been developed and to also do some development. There is a good guide on MSDN that details how to set this up. Ensure you read it and click all the links as I glossed over a few and then had to go back. Once the install is complete you can setup the home site and you're ready to go. I did have some problems with the speed of my laptop after this process (it died) so I did the following things to speed it up:-

  1. Set the SharePoint services to be Automatic but delayed start, this should ensure your computer starts up quicker.
  2. Go into IIS, open the Application Pools and click on advanced on the SharePoint Port 80 pool and the SharePoint Central Admin. Then change the CPU figure to something manageable. I entered 5%(50) as below.

I haven't had any problems yet and the solution I deployed to SharePoint 2010 works fine.


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