Connecting the Content Query Webpart to a Document Library filtered by a Meta Tag

Friday, November 26, 2010

I found a bit of an obvious feature of the Content Query Webpart that enables you to connect to a document library that is filtered with the same filter that you are using in this webpart. The new document centre feature of SharePoint 2010 enables documents to be filtered and search by Meta data that is associated with those documents. In the traditional business you may have departmental sites and document libraries for each department. The files will often be used by more than one department so creating a tagging structure that represents the departments, services, sectors and technologies in your business may be a better approach. With this approach each departmental site can show a filtered view of the documents in the document centre without replicating content that already exists. So here is how you do it:-

In the advance settings of the Content Query Webpart you can give the title of the webpart a URL. To get the correct URL just navigate to the document centre and filter the view on the suitable tag. Copy the URL in the browser and copy it to the Webpart. That is it, nice and simple but hopefully worth knowing.

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