Bye Bye Shared Drives

Monday, February 28, 2011

Following on from  a post I did a few months about Searching an external drive I thought I would explain very good feature that some of the SharePoint installs that I had come across were missing. My previous post explained how to hook up SharePoint Search to index a shared drive. Not only can you then get the results in SharePoint Search for all files on a Shared Drive and also preview and open these files directly, by connecting a Search Connector from SharePoint to Windows 7 you can then perform searches straight from your desktop. Sounds cool right?

In any SharePoint instance that you have access to click on the little search icon just under and to the right of the search box after you have performed a search as below.




You will be presented with a popup asking you to confirm the install.


Select Add and the search will be installed. To access the search go to Windows Explorer and the Search will appear in your Favourites.



You can rename the search to what ever you like. I have a shortcut on my desktop for ease of access.That is it, all the files that are indexed from SharePoint can be found easily and quickly. Hopefully this will be the end of Shared Drives as it drives people to use SharePoint instead. One option is to then make the Share Drive read only to prevent accumulating more un structure content

For those of you who know this already apologies but we sometimes forget the really simple SharePoint features that can massively increase user adoptions and good will towards a SharePoint project.

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