SharePoint Cloud and Office365 Part 1

Thursday, April 28, 2011

If you haven’t signed up for the Beta of Office365 then I would strongly recommend that you do. Microsoft’s new cloud offering gives the very best of their Office 2010 suite and throws in a few extras such as Lync. Having used BPOS I think that Office365 is the right offering at the right time with the right products. Having looked at Google and its suite of Cloud based products I don’t think it can compete, on features or total cost of ownership.

I am going to delve into SharePoint Online, I think there is enough to keep me busy with here without touching on Web Apps and Lync. I particularly want to focus on SharePoint Online for Internet Sites. I think this is a really compelling offering, a website can be up and running in less than an hour and the features that you get out of the box are great. So what does it look like:-


As you can see it is a very basic site, what I intend to do is to create a version of SharePoint Rescue in the cloud to showcase the features of SharePoint Online. Before the next post follow my progress at http:\\

Random Tip1: You cannot edit the site on Windows Phone 7


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