Tethering Samsung Omnia 7 on Three

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I read a few posts about how to Tethering the Samsung Omnia 7, Google will give you them, there was not one that worked for Three so here is how to do it on Three. BTW the guy in the shop actually said this was a feature of the phone when he was trying to sell me it, but admitted(once I challenged him) it may be a future one that they would definitely allow. Three have all you can eat data so this is great and not against their T's and C's.

1. Install the drivers for the USB Modem - http://www.multiupload.com/F52... (from Long Zheng of istartedsomething)

2. Dial ##634# on your phone, this will take you into Diagnostic mode.

3. Dial *#7284# and select the Modem, Tethered Call. This will reboot the phone.

4. Connect the phone to your computer, Select Set up network connection from the Network and Sharing Centre. Select "Setup dial-up connection". Enter *99# as the number to dial. the username and password is guest and guest.

5. To start the dial up connection open the Network and sharing centre and select "Connect to a Network" right click the modem connection and select connect.

That’s it you should now have a tethered Samsung Omnia 7. 

 ****Update 04/10/2011****** This does not appear to be working any longer, is anyone able to still do this?

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