SharePoint in the Cloud Part III Designing your external SharePoint site

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I started by looking if I could replicate the look of this site on , in the end the site didn’t give me the flexibility to do this but I thought that it would  be useful to go through the features that can be used to design a simple site. Below is the ribbon that gives you all the options for designing your site.



1. Colour

This enables you to select the theme for your site from a number of options but also allows you to create your own colours for the main parts of the website. If you want to go further than this then select the style sheet.

Custom_SharePoint_Colours                         Edit_Custom_sharePoint_colours

2. Setup

 There are a few options for how your website is setup, these include the size/alignment of the site and whether you want the Bing search or the member login to show on the site.


3. Footer

Here you can add links to the footer of your site and also add some copyright text. Choose whether the links and text are left,centre or right aligned.

4. Page, Header, Navigation and Zone

These settings are fairly easy to configure, definitely set the page title and the keywords so that you can show up in Search engines.

5. Style Sheet

If you are going to make your website look professional you will need to sooner or later override the standard CSS. This is done by clicking the Style option on the ribbon.

The standard CSS is given which is handy, you can use IE developer tools or Firebug in Firefox to track down how this is applied and also to try and changes before applying to your website. Do this by editing the CSS and IE/Firebug will apply it to the current page in your browser. This is the CSS I used initially is below – add it and see what happens.



.MSC_PrimaryNavFrame   {    background-color:#000000;    }  

.MSC_PrimaryNavLink   {    font-weight:bold;    }


My initial curiosity about what you can design in the cloud is satisfied for the time being, I may come back and do a much better job on the website shortly.

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