Lync Online - Setting up on a custom domain in Office365

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I wanted to use the capabilities of Lync on a custom domain so I got setup, trying to follow the instructions given. Neadless to say they didnt work and I had to make it up a little and do some research. So how did I get Lync working on Well here are the steps that I undertook.

1. Ensure the domain is added to your Office365 Account - see my previous post on vanity domains for details on how to do this.

2. Change the intent of the domain in Office365 to include Lync.

3. Add the DNS records as given in the DNS settings, I added added as below.

4. I added the 443 port at the end and this seemed to work for my hosting package.

5. Create a new user with your domain and try and login.

6. I used fiddler to troubleshoot any connection issues, you will see which rule is not working and you can amend accordingly.

This took a while to work out but should be easier next time. I haven't setup the federated DNS rules but I have been able to add my account to another Lync domain so I will see how that goes. if you want to add me to test anything my lync






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